Publication date: 15.05.19
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Yaivinskaya GRES is repairing its equipment

Yaivinskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC has started implementation of the plant equipment repair schedule for 2019. The repairs campaign of this year will be more ambitious compared to 2018.

It provides for the overhaul of power generating unit N 1, medium repairs of power generating unit N 3, maintenance repairs of power generating units N 2 and 4 (the installed capacity of each unit is 150 MW), and maintenance repairs of power generating unit N 5 of CCGT (448 MW) with the unit transformer overhaul. Maintenance repairs of units N 2 and 4 include a standard scope of repair work, such as inspection and fault detection of the main equipment, performance evaluation of all the components, elimination of defects, and replacement of worn-out parts. First, repairs of unit N 4 were started on 13 April, so its maintenance repairs work has already been completed. Repairs of unit N 2 will be performed from 14 to 31 May. Since 3 May, the overhaul of power generating unit N 1 has been started and is scheduled to be completed by 30 August. The work will include repairs of the water passage of the high and low pressure cylinders of the turbine unit, repairs of the generator with the rotor removal and the replacement of slip rings. The audit of industrial safety of the hot reheat interceptor and steam extraction lines of low and high pressure preheaters will be carried out. Besides, the first unit will be subject to the following work within the framework of the technical reequipment program: replacement of gas ducts of boiler N 1, modernization of the boiler platen superheater with replacement of the first row platens and replacement of worn-out air heater drums of boiler N 1.

The final stage of the repairs campaign will be the medium repairs of unit N 3. The unit will be stopped from 2 September to 20 December. The following repairs of the unit are planned: standard repairs; repairs of the turbine valve gear mechanism; audit of industrial safety of the boiler drum, interceptors, steam ducts for cold and hot steam superheaters and extractors, as well as replacement of the steam collection chamber.

During the repairs campaign, weekly technical meetings with the chief engineer and all the contractors participating in the repairs, daily operational meetings with the deputy chief engineer for repairs are held. In total, the repair work will involve more than 300 specialists of contractors and about 60 specialists of own staff.