Publication date: 20.05.20
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Yaivinskaya GRES has demonstrated stable performance during the peak flood season in spring

In order to prevent accidents and ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of the power plant, the branch has established a flood commission and is currently implementing an appropriate action plan to manage the spring flood and rainfall floods. For the duration of the peak flood period, the branch has introduced round-the-clock monitoring over the hydraulic engineering structures (HES) on the Yaiva River (water intakes, drainage devices, etc.) and other facilities managed by the branch that may be affected by flood waters in order to ensure prompt response.  The water inflow and upper water level in the Yaiva River are subjected to ongoing monitoring.

As of today, 18 May, the upper water level amounted to 130.23 m and the maximum level reached 131.99 m this spring (the permissible level is 132.8 m). All three sectoral shutters installed on the dam are open to maximum capacity (the throughput capacity of the stutters is 1,580 m3/sec). The lower water level today amounts to 127.4 m м, while in the flood period, it reached 129.6 m.

The peak flood period started on 10 May after the ambient temperature rose sharply. During the high water season, the Kamen Settlement was partly flooded in the upper-river region, which effectively isolated it from the outside world due to the fact that water rose to a level of 3 meters above the summer low-water level. Besides, similar to last year, the southern portion of the Yaiva Settlement located in the lower-river region was partly flooded. This is due to the fact that during heavy snowmelts, the bed of the Yaiva River is incapable of accommodating a large inflow of water from the Vilva River. Yavinskaya GRES Branch notes that the GRES is solely in charge of the upper water level and is not in the position to manage the lower water level (it is controlled by the Kama Reservoir).

The operating procedures of Yavinskaya GRES functions during the flood period have proved their worth in real-life conditions over the decades. Similar to any other time, the primary objective in this period is to ensure uninterrupted operation of all core assemblies and stable generation of electric power to supply consumers.

“We have coped with the peak flood period with success, Andrey Povarnitsyn, Chairman of the Flood Commission, Chief Engineer of Yavinskaya GRES Branch, sums up. All functions have duly implemented the necessary measures within their relevant areas of responsibility. According to our observations, the water level in the river has stabilized and is highly unlikely to rise again. However, we are continuously on high alert in case of heavy showers”.