Publication date: 15.06.20
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Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Unipro PJSC was held

On June 10, 2020, the absentee General Shareholders’ Meeting of Unipro PJSC approved the company’s annual report, annual accounting statements for the fiscal year 2019 and the Articles of Association of Unipro PJSC (updated version).

Taking into consideration the recommendations of the Board of Directors, the shareholders of Unipro PJSC also approved the distribution of the net profit of Unipro PJSC for 2019 as follows:



Net profit (RAS) for 2019


Interim dividends for 9M 2019


Retained profit (loss) of the reporting period:


To be distributed to:


Reserve fund




Coverage of losses for the previous years


Accumulated profit



The shareholders agreed on the dividend payments on ordinary shares of Unipro PJSC for 2019 out of retained profit in monetary form in the amount of RUB 0.111025275979 per ordinary share, which is RUB 7 bn. The dividends will be paid out in full in July 2020.

The total amount of expected payments for 2019, including the previously paid dividends following the results of 9 M 2019, will be RUB 14.0 bn.

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Unipro PJSC elected the company’s Board of Directors consists of the following 9 people (the positions are specified as of the time of nomination):

Georgiy L. Abdushelishvili, Managing Director, Senior Partner, Vector of Leadership JSC,

Anna G. Belova, Professor of the Higher School of Management, Higher School of Economics,

David Bryson, Chief Operating Officer, Uniper SE,

Uwe Heinz Fip, Senior Vice President Gas Supply & Origination, Uniper Global Commodities SE,

Reiner Hartmann, Head of Moscow Representative Office, Uniper Global Commodities SE,

Oleg V. Vyugin, Professor of School of Finance, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Higher School of Economics,

Patrick Wolff, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Uniper SE,

Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO, Uniper SE,

Maxim G. Shirokov, CEO, Unipro PJSC.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit Joint Stock Company was approved as the company’s Auditor for 2020.