Publication date: 22.09.20
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In Line with the Schedule

The 2020 repair campaign of Yaivinskaya GRES commenced on 14 May. To date, a large amount of planned work has been done. Current repairs were completed at power units No. 3 and 4 under the standard scope of works, including inspection, performance evaluation, and repairs of identified defects. 

Unit No. 2 has been decommissioned for overhaul until October 15, with the turbine overhaul, overhaul of draft mechanisms, replacement of fittings of unit No. 2. The turbine generator was overhauled by replacing slip rings and rotor roll-out. The rotor left the premises of the power plant for repairs at Uralenergoremont JSC. No. 2 chimney stack head was also repaired. Power unit No. 2 overhaul period included the current repairs of power unit No. 1 under a standard scope of work.

In the same period, No. 1 chimney stack gas ducts were repaired. Unit No. 5 (CCGT-448) was decommissioned for repairs from 12 August to 30 September for a minor inspection of the gas turbine. Repairs were carried out by engaging Siemens, Zulcer, TermomomeccanicaPumps, Revitech experts and our staff. In August, all four power units of the power plant’s SPU were stopped for 4 days for inspection of the discharge circulation conduits, which are concrete rings with a section of 2-3 meters located underground (a specialist contractor was engaged for the inspection).

The maintenance program will be completed in October 2020.