Publication date: 07.09.20
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Smolenskaya GRES completed the scheduled repair of heating networks

Smolenskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC completed the repairs of heating networks in the Ozernensky Urban Settlement.

The works completed replacement of sections of the subsurface pipeline from the booster pump station to Heat Chamber No. 29. The power engineers replaced the worn-out pipeline with a total length of 400 meters. The works aimed at replacing the surface major pipeline from Smolenskaya GRES to Ozerny Settlement were completed. 467 meters of pipeline with a diameter of 530 mm were replaced, polyurethane foam insulation and metal coating were installed on the pipeline.

The maintenance campaign removed the defects of the on-site heating network equipment, completed scheduled maintenance of network pumps and feeding pumps, completed repairs of the flow metering devices and isolation valves. In addition, 232 supporting piers of heating networks were inspected, 86 piers were repaired.

The repair works are aimed at preparing heating networks for uninterrupted operation during the winter season.