Publication date: 21.06.21
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Yaivinskaya GRES Making Preparations for the New Heating Season

Unipro PJSC Yaivinskaya GRES Branch has launched the maintenance of the heating network and equipment as part of preparations for the winter season. The maintenance campaign started with hydraulic testing of the heating network in Yaiva operated by the power plant under leasehold or title. Pressure tests are intended to identify the weak spots that emerged during the heating season and may fail during operation.

The extra work scope established by hydraulic testing is performed by power engineers along with the scheduled repairs of the heating network. This year, the specialists will replace the pipes in the underground sections of the heating network with a total length of 432 m (two-pipe) along with reinforced concrete trays and supports.

Similar to past years, these activities will involve replacement of obsolete pipe and expansion joint insulation with a more efficient polypropylene covering. This will reduce the loss of heat during transportation of the heat carrier in the heating and hot water supply systems. Apart from the tests of the heating network in the village, the power engineers will test the heating network and cogeneration units on the power plant site to ensure timely rectification of all defects. In addition, the maintenance program invariably provides for repairs of system water heaters and valves of the heat supply scheme.

The maintenance works are scheduled to be completed by the end of August, which will ensure fail-free operation of the equipment and improve the reliability of heat supply in the village during the 2021–2022 heating season.