Publication date: 09.06.21
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Shaturskaya GRES Launches the Maintenance of the Heating Network

As part of preparations for the new heating season, Shaturskaya GRES specialists have conducted hydraulic testing of the heating network (HN). These activities will make it possible to subject the pipelines to strength and density tests, as well as to identify any defects in the HN and repair them as part of the scheduled maintenance campaign.

The Branch power engineers have drawn up and approved a schedule of works to be completed at the municipal heating network in the upcoming summer season. Worn-out sections of the heating mains will be replaced with pipes insulated with polyurethane foam (advanced pipe-in-pipe (PiP) technology) to slow down corrosion and heat loss, minimise operating costs, and enhance the reliability of heat supply to consumers. 1.1 km of worn-out sections of the heating mains are supposed to be replaced.

The overall plan for 2021 provides for replacement of about 4.5 km of pipelines and for the maintenance of thermal insulation with a total length of about 800 linear meters. These HN works will be performed by the contractor and plant staff. It is worth mentioning that the power plant owns over 127 km of HN pipelines in the town of Shatura.