Publication date: 07.06.21
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Smolenskaya GRES Implementing Its Maintenance Campaign

Unipro PJSC Smolenskaya GRES Branch is repairing Power Unit No. 1. The maintenance campaign to prepare the power facility for operation in the winter season was launched on 15 March. On 23 April, the power engineers completed the maintenance of Power Unit No. 3.

Under the maintenance program, Power Unit No. 1 is subjected to standard works providing for the maintenance of the control and steam distribution system along with the bearings of the turbine unit. The boiler is subjected to the maintenance of the lining and framing of front burners No. 3 and No. 7 (Building 1B), replacement of Level 2 HP economiser pipe sections, and works providing for recovery of the lining and steel structures on the right side of the furnace. Building 1A is subjected to defect rectification in order to reduce air inflows.

The maintenance works at Power Unit No. 1 will continue until 20 June. An intermediate maintenance of Power Unit No. 2 is scheduled to last from 12 July through 14 October.