Publication date: 03.06.21
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Pike from Yaivinskaya GRES

The river serves as a heat sink for the power plant, and in 2020, the power engineers installed fish protection structures here to prevent the death of fish in the water intake. Under the environmental protection program, pursuant to the Federal Law “On Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources”, the company has scheduled activities to reproduce aquatic biological resources.

Based on the calculations and recommendations by the Russian Federation Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography, the branch has procured baby pikes to that end. These baby pikes were stocked on 1 June below the Yaiva River hydraulic structures. Baby fishes were brought to the river bank in special-purpose vehicles. A dedicated hose was used to release the water with fingerlings into one of the bays.

Overall, 8,301 pikes were released into the river. These baby fishes were farmed in the fishery of Osa in the Perm Territory. According to specialists, the quantities of pikes and pike perches released into the Perm Territory water basins have been quite low in recent years. Therefore, the Yaiva River will benefit a lot from the replenishment of the pike population. This is a good habitat for fishes with solid food resources. The pikes will not embark upon long migrations similar to sterlets; instead, they will stay in this water basin next to the place of release, as they have a sedentary life style. In addition, the beginning of summer is the best time for releasing baby fishes. All these aspects will improve the survival rate and ensure a higher yield to the fishery. Compliance with the fish stocking process regulations was supervised by Konstantin Fomenko, Head of Reliability, Fire and Environmental Safety Office, Yaivinskaya GRES, and Andrey Zhuravlev, Leader of Environmental Team.

They monitored the baby fishes swimming out to explore their natural habitat. The cost of the fish stocking project amounted to RUB 373,545.