Publication date: 01.06.21
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Smolenskaya GRES Launches the Maintenance of the Heating Network

As part of preparations for the winter season, Unipro PJSC Smolenskaya GRES Branch has launched the maintenance of the heating network. The specialists will replace the underground sections of the heating network from the building at 9 Lenina Street up to the building at 3 Parkovaya Street with a total length of 61 m and along Stroiteley Street with a total length of 104 m.

During the summer season, the power engineers will replace the thermal insulation on five expansion joints of the heating network in Ozerny. The specialists are supposed to replace 80 linear metres of the pipeline under the road bed on Lenina Street with pre-insulated Ø530 mm pipes. Besides, they will install six supports on the heating mains and repair thermal insulation from the building at 20 Lesnaya Street to the building at 34 Lesnaya Street.

The maintenance campaign will be completed by the end of August, which will improve the reliability of heat supply in Ozerny during the hearing season.