Publication date: 01.10.21
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Modernization of power unit No. 1 STU-810 MW of Surgutskaya GRES-2 is underway according to the schedule

An operation was performed to thread the generator rotor into the stator at the plant. This was preceded by a large set of works related to the generator stator testing. Pneumatic tests of the stator case were carried out: check for tightness. Together with the stator, conductor tests were carried out.

At the same time, the alignment of the generator rotor with respect to the shaft line was completed. Next is the complete assembly of the generator and commissioning operations associated with the equipment motoring.

The next stages of turbine-related work are underway: centering of the turbine flow channel, checking the compliance with forms. The finishing operation of closing the high and medium pressure cylinders will be next.

At the power unit, repairs of rotors and the flow channels of low-pressure cylinders have been completed, and the cylinders have been closed.

Steam distribution parts – high-pressure valve blocks – have been delivered to the modernization site of power unit No. 1. The valve blocks were installed in the design position and connected to the “live steam” pipeline. All works at the power unit are according to the schedule.