Publication date: 08.10.21
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Shaturskaya GRES held an emergency and fire-fighting training

An emergency and fire-fighting training was held at Shaturskaya GRES as part of preparation for the autumn-winter season of 2021/2022. Its purpose was to master the employees’ actions at low outside temperatures.

According to the legend, an oil leak on the impulse line “oil pressure for regulation” resulted in oil splashes at the first bearing. Oil contacted hot surfaces of the check valve and live steam lines, causing a fire. Insulation of the cables of turbine relative rotor expansion and high pressure cylinder absolute expansion devices was damaged and the devices failed.

In view of the resulting fire, the operating personnel disconnected power unit No. 6 from the network. The temperature of the heating network medium dropped due to the emergency shutdown of the power unit. The capacity of the operating units was not enough to maintain the heating network temperature. The temperature in the main building of the power plant dropped. All the above lead to disrupted operation of the heating system in Shatura and the neighbouring microdistrict. The heating system for the townspeople was urgently transferred to reserve sources. A fire brigade quickly arrived at the scene and started to work. Employees in charge of the affected sectors supervised all the works. Absolutely every action was reported to the superior operating personnel, the plant management, by authority, in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

During the training, all the participants showed themselves to be real professionals and, as a result, received a positive assessment of their actions.