Publication date: 21.10.21
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Uniproshka teaches to save resources

Within the framework of its Uniproshka for Children communication project, Unipro conducted online lessons for primary school students in Shatura, Sharypovo, and Surgut. The topic of the lessons was energy and resource saving. The children learned why it is not allowed to throw lamps into an ordinary trash can, why turn off electrical appliances from the socket, how to save water and heat energy. The classes were conducted as a game, and the knowledge gained was reinforced with cheerful dances. 210 children took part in the events.

“I have been working with primary school students under the Uniproshka for Children safe behaviour educational program for several years by now. In the first year, we watch the Uniproshka Hurries to the Rescue play, and together with Uniproshka we learn to behave correctly when crossing the road. In the second year, we learn the rules of safe behaviour in the forest and on the water, and before the New Year we watched a wonderful lesson with tips on how not to be left without electricity on New Year’s Eve. In the third year, we already explain to children how important it is to conserve the nature around us, and the lesson on energy saving was very to the point. Uniproshka has already become a caring friend for our children, we are looking forward to new cartoons and new lessons,” said Tatyana Mayornikova, deputy director for educational work at comprehensive school No. 8 in Sharypovo (the Krasnoyarsk Territory).

“A very interesting event. The children were taught how to conserve natural resources, heat and electricity in the format of a game. They were very pleased and discussed the unusual lesson for a long time,” said Anna Bezschetnova, deputy director for educational work at comprehensive school No. 2 in Shatura.

Maria Beyger, head of the Uniproshka for Children project, Press Secretary of Unipro PJSC: “The project has existed since 2018. We are looking for fresh ideas, new topics, and formats. In May of this year, we held online lessons for children in the regions of our presence for the first time. The experience turned out to be successful, we developed a new scenario, and presented a new program to schoolchildren. So far, we have managed to cover Surgut, Shatura, and Sharypovo. In November, we will definitely hold lessons for children in the village of Ozerny and in the town of Yayva. It is surely important for us that children leave lessons with knowledge and understanding of how to behave in a given situation or why it is necessary to carefully conserve nature.”