Publication date: 15.10.21
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New cylinders were installed at power unit No. 1 STU-810 MW during the modernization of Surgutskaya GRES-2.

The refurbished equipment underwent final assembly, control check of all gaps in the flow channel, and closing of high and medium pressure cylinders. The shaft line assembly and connection of all rotors in a line are underway.

End shields were installed and the generator stator was aligned. Sealing bearing housings were installed. Joint boring of holes in the half-couplings of the generator rotors and low-pressure rotor No. 3 was completed, with the manufacture and installation of new tight-fitting bolts. Starting 20 October, it is planned to adjust the mechanical values of the turbine, to be followed by closing the bearings and setting the machine for barring. At the same time, pipelines supplying steam to the high and medium pressure cylinders are being joined. All modernization efforts are progressing according to the schedule.