Publication date: 26.04.22
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In Q1 2022, Unipro PJSC Power Plants Increased Electric Power Generation by 14.7%

In January–March 2022, Unipro PJSC power plants generated 14.7 bn kWh of electric power (+14.7% year-on-year).

The increased generation in Q1 2022 is mainly due to the continued growth in electricity consumption after the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The increased demand for electric power, as well as a decrease in the load of hydroelectric power plants in the second price zone significantly influenced the output of Berezovskaya GRES, which increased production by 56% year-on-year. Besides, the combined cycle unit of Shaturskaya GRES was under repairs in Q1 2021, which also had an effect on the positive dynamica in 2022. 

Heat power generation amounted to 757 thousand Gcal for the reporting period (-19.5% versus Q1 2021). The decrease is due to weather conditions.