Publication date: 13.05.22
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The heating season is over in the Ozerny settlement, Smolensk region

Smolenskaya GRES completed the heating season with no accidents during the winter season of 2021-2022.

Power engineers have turned off the heat supply to Ozerny according to the resolution of the administration of Ozerny urban settlement #28-P dated May 06, 2022.

Now the main focus of the Power Plant staff is to prepare the equipment for the upcoming heating season. The repair campaign began in February, and the first Power Unit has already been repaired. Further repairs are planned for Power Units No. 2 and No. 3.

In May, power engineers will begin inspecting and repairing heating networks.

It should be noted that the total length of the main and district heat supply systems managed by the Branch exceeds 34 km.