Publication date: 27.06.22
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Smolensk power engineers put power unit No. 3 out of service for major repairs

Unipro PJSC Smolenskaya GRES Branch took down 210 MW Power Unit No. 3 for major repairs starting 27 June 2022.

As part of repairs, specialists will perform technical refurbishment of the secondary convection superheater. The scope of works includes replacing 124 sets of steam superheater tubes weighing about 45 tons. Also, 64 pipes of the right side screen (salt section) of buildings 3A and 3B will be replaced at the boiler unit, and the boiler drums will be repaired with a complete disassembly of the drum internals.

In addition, power engineers will replace the tertiary air box at Building 3B and repair the gas valves of the power unit and the valves of the feeder plant.

The repair scope involves a large volume of in-service inspection of metal and boiler heating surfaces. In addition, the industrial safety of following pipelines will be examined: live steam, hot reheat, cold reheat, HP and LP preheaters.

At the same time, the standard repair of K-210-130-3 turbine unit with opening of cylinders will be completed. It is planned to repair and adjust the turbine control and steam distribution system, oil system, pumping equipment, replace 27 meters of 630 mm pipelines of the fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating station.

The repair work on Power Unit 3 is scheduled to be completed in early October 2022.