Publication date: 05.07.22
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Sharypovo sewage treatment facilities need reconstruction

At the end of June the building of the City House of Culture held public discussions on the results of the environmental impact assessment of the "Reconstruction of Sewage treatment facilities in Sharypovo” project.

Attended by First Deputy Mayor Dmitry Sayushev, representatives of Berezovskaya GRES presented the modernization of sewage treatment facilities. Dmitry Kazarin, director of Berezovskaya GRES, made an opening speech, noting that the main goal of the reconstruction is to get to a safer and more efficient operation of the treatment plant system.

Irina Bevz, head of the environmental group at the Plant, spoke in more detail about the relevance of the project:

"The current sewage treatment facilities design was developed in 1980 and is extremely outdated. For example, 40 years ago, wastewater quality was evaluated by only two indicators. Current legislation has expanded the number of monitored indicators to 23. In addition, obsolete and potentially dangerous technology is used to disinfect wastewater, with liquid chlorine having a toxic effect on the microflora and fauna of the Cadat River. The sewage treatment equipment is also badly worn out”.

The reconstruction will affect all stages of treatment: mechanical, biological and chemical. UV light will be used instead of liquid chlorine.

Reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities will reduce the negative impact on the environment, ensure complete absence of bacterial contamination of wastewater and bring the indicators of treated water to the standards.

During the public discussions, the audience asked questions of interest. Proposals and comments on this project can also be left on the official site of Sharypovo or on the Unipro PJSC site until July 28.