Publication date: 19.07.22
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Shaturskaya GRES summed up the results of the corporate occupational safety competition

Shaturskaya GRES branch of Unipro PJSC identified the most responsible contractors. The Best Occupational Safety and Health Contractor for Q2 2022 review competition was held from April to July 2022.

The competition committee headed by Power Plant director Sergey Bakurin, evaluated some of the most important indicators at once:involvement of contractors in activities on labor protection in the branch, completeness and correctness of employees' use of PPE, preventing injuries to personnel and eliminating the negative impact of harmful factors on their health, results of workplace inspections, representative admission of crews to work, etc.

The competition show that the most exemplary contractors in terms of OHS are MSF Energomontazh LLC (1st place), SMU-7 LLC (2nd place), LES LLC (3rd place).

Igor Afonin, Head of HSE Service of the Branch of Unipro PJSC: "The Best Occupational Safety and Health Contractor competition was launched at Shaturskaya GRES in 2018 and is held quarterly. Its goal is to ensure safe working conditions at contractors' workplaces, the use of safe practices and PPE, the prevention of occupational injuries and the safe conduct of work on the Plant site. This competition is an effective tool of both morale and tangible incentives for contractors to follow safety rules and injury-free worksite activities.