Publication date: 25.07.22
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Smolenskaya GRES Proceeding with Maintenance Campaign

Smolenskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC completed the replacement of 530 mm pipeline along the Lenin Street, 244 linear metres in total.

The company’s specialists commenced the repair of 273 mm pipeline along the Koltsevaya Street, where 348 linear meters of the pipeline are expected to be replaced. Preparation activities, such as trench digging, pipeline sections welding, channel waterproofing, are ongoing. Also, the company commenced the repair of 108 mm pipeline from Heat Chamber No. 30 to house No. 16 on Koltsevaya Street. The plan is to replace 100 linear meters of the worn pipeline.

Due to ongoing repairs, heat supply in Ozerny Settlement will be shut down from July 25 to August 8 of 2022 (Koltsevaya Street 14a, 16a, 16, 18 and 22, and Stroiteley Street 19a).

Upon completion of the repairs, the company will conduct works aimed at land improvement in the areas of the heat network repair.

The scheduled heat network repair completion date is August 31.