Publication date: 28.11.22
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Accident and fire response procedures have been drilled out at Shaturskaya GRES

Shaturskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC has provided plantwide emergency and fire prevention training.

It was aimed at verifying the personnel’s emergency preparedness, as well as training interaction between the power plant workshops and Fire Safety Centre LLC, as well as at controlling the personnel’s assessment of damages after accidents and preliminary activities before repair and restoration works.

The training session was attended by Mr Dmitry Ayrapetyants, Deputy Minister of Energy of Moscow Region, Mr Pavel Andreev, Deputy Head of Shatura City District Administration, and Mr Ilya Klimov, Head of the Security Department of Shatura City District Administration. The event activities were headed by Mr Sergey Bakurin, Director of Shaturskaya GRES.  

According to the concept, the Plant Shift Supervisor (PSS) is informed of the bomb threat. The PSS further informs the management of Shaturskaya GRES and emergency services of this threat. All actions are taken quickly and consistently according to the approved algorithm. Task One: to block all posts at the GRES in order to prevent outsiders, to evacuate the personnel to the protected facility at the power plant.

According to the second training setting, two oil switches of 220 kV high-voltage lines Shatura - Shibanovo and Shatura - Noginsk exploded at the power plant, the second section of 220 kV was disconnected, followed by the shutdown of Power Units Nos. 4, 5, 6. The PSS ordered the shift supervisor of the boiler and turbine shop to monitor the operation of remaining Power Units Nos. 1 and 2, as well as to turn on the water boiler installation to maintain the optimal temperature in the heating network of Shatura.

The training session also included the drill of the actions of the Local Crisis Management Office (LCMO), which comprises the power plant management, the security service, the Civil Defence and Emergency Headquarters, and the actions to be taken by the response personnel when an employee of the GRES is injured. In the latter case, the power engineers smoothly and consistently drilled their actions in cooperation with the First Aid Station’s medical staff. The injured person was provided with timely medical assistance. He was taken to the ambulance car and then sent to Shatura Central District Hospital.

More than 60 people and 5 units of special equipment participated in the plantwide training session. All tasks were successfully completed, as conceived. The power plant management noted the high level of the participants’ readiness and work coordination and spoke positively about the actions by the response personnel of the Branch and employees of Fire Safety Centre LLC.

“The fire and emergency training session has demonstrated consistent and well-coordinated actions of the response personnel, the team of Fire Safety Centre LLC, and the medical staff. The LCMO members successfully performed their duties, the operational messages were received in a timely manner. The training session was positively assessed,” Mr Sergey Ovchinnikov, Chief Engineer of Shaturskaya GRES, summarised the event.