Publication date: 07.12.22
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The power engineers of Shaturskaya GRES have given a demo lesson for high school students

The representatives of Shaturskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC gave a career guidance lesson for high school students of Shatura Lyceum. The lesson was held as part of the Week of Functional Literacy, which takes place at all schools of Moscow Region from 5 to 9 December.    

The insight into the enterprise started with its brief history. The students were told about the main events in the history of the power plant, major steps in the energy industry generation in our country and the grounds for selecting Shatura for construction of Shaturskaya GRES.

Mr Igor Filimonov, Senior Plant Shift Supervisor of the power plant, told the students about the current affairs of the enterprise. Mr Filimonov discussed the most relevant areas of the energy industry and its prospects with the students, told them about the structure of the boiler and turbine shop, about the activities of the chemical shop and chemical laboratory, the characteristics and unique nature of 400 CCGT.

Mr Viktor Pronin, an electrical fitter for repair of switchgear equipment of the electrical workshop, told why he had chosen the profession of a power engineer, described his standard working day and the advantages of this job for young people. 

Evgenia Metelkina, Head of the Press Centre, Shaturskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC:  “By moving beyond standard school lessons, meeting the most prominent representatives of the profession, getting early career guidance, the children are able both to learn something new and to apply their knowledge in practice. All these activities fully correspond to Unipro’s ESG Strategy.