Publication date: 22.11.22
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Seven Shaturskaya GRES Employees Won the Safety Star Contest

Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES branch announced the results of the Safety Star corporate contest. In Q3 2022, seven employees from various shops and functions were awarded. Among them are three electrical shop employees, namely: Alexander Shchekota (power cable repair and installation electrician), Ivan Stepanov and Viktor Pronin (switching gear equipment repair wiremen). ‘Star’ cards were also awarded to Dmitry Dragovich (technician at the division of fire and environmental safety reliability), Sergey Bogdanov (power plant automatic equipment and measuring tools repair and installation wireman at the heat automatic equipment and measurement shop), and two chemical laboratory employees – Elena Alexeeva (lead engineer of the gas control group) and Inna Mamontova (chemical analysis laboratory assistant of the gas control group).

The Safety Star project was launched at Shaturskaya GRES in 2019. Over 60 power engineers were awarded with registered ‘star’ signs.

According to Igor Afonin, Head of the Occupational Health and Industrial Safety Service, the primary goal of the contest is to increase the motivation of power plant employees to comply with occupational health and safety rules, which corresponds to Unipro’s ESG strategy. 

‘The contenders are evaluated by occupational health and safety (OHS) employees jointly with GRES management during scheduled inspections of workplaces. The first thing we take note of is safe performance of the works, knowledge and compliance with fire and occupational safety rules. Correct use of personal protective equipment, knowledge and use of safe work practices, proper handling of tools and appliances, maintaining a clean and tidy workplace adds extra points to the employee's scorecard,’ Igor Afonin noted.