Publication date: 28.10.22
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Ozerny Settlement School Pupils Visited the Smolensk Regional Technology Academy (SRTA)

Pupils of grades 9 of the Ozernenskaya Secondary School paid a visit to the SRTA. The visit took place thanks to Unipro PJSC’s Smolenskaya GRES branch as part of the Career Starts at School project.

At the SRTA academic building, pupils were told about engineering professions taught in the academy, professions in demand at Smolenskaya GRES and ways of joining the academy after graduation from grade 9. Acquaintance with classrooms commenced with a computer room, where pupils answered the questions of an educational quiz related with professions.

In addition, pupils visited the electrotechnical laboratory and got familiar with electrical equipment. During the excursion, school students participated in a master class. They performed the wirework for a residential house and tested the operation of electric light bulbs and ventilators.

In the Metrology, Control and Instrumentation workshop, they came to know about the metrologist profession. The SRTA lecturer told them what metrology is for and what metrologists are occupied with at the place of production.

‘Career guidance excursions to energy-related universities of Smolensk have become a good tradition for our school students. Smolenskaya GRES renders assistance in arranging visits of grade 9 pupils to the SRTA on an annual basis. After such excursions, many of them gain an understanding which post-education institutions to enter, namely – professions related with the power sector,’ Natalia Shilova, Headmistress at the Ozernenskaya Secondary School, commented.

Support for the Career Starts at School project is one of the activities found in Unipro’s ESG strategy.