Publication date: 07.11.22
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Safe Behaviour at Home from Uniproshka

In late October, Uniproshka, the corporate character invented by Unipro PJSC, told children in all regions of the company’s operations how to behave, if you are left at home alone. The project was joined by the schools of Shatura, Sharypovo, Yaiva, Ozerny, Alexandrovsk, Cherusti, Moscow and Surgut. That lesson was particular for Uniproshka – we were joined by children with special needs. 488 kids took part in the event.

Uniproshka and his friends Alena and Maxim told kids what to do, if a fire starts in a flat, how to behave and what to say, if a stranger rings the bell at the door, or what to do, if you are strongly hit, burnt or have a nosebleed.

‘On 25 October, an interactive event was arranged by the Unipro PJSC team in the lyceum for pupils of grade 2 as part of the Uniproshka for Children project. The kids were – in the form of game – told about the rules of behaviour in everyday life! It was very insightful, interesting and funny. Our thanks to the company for cooperation!’ Yulia Stenkina, Counsellor to Director for Education at the Shatura lyceum, said.

Maria Beyger, Head of the Uniproshka for Children project, Press Secretary for Unipro PJSC: ‘The Uniproshka for Children project covers all aspects of children’s safety and security. In a fascinating and game form, we communicate important information to kids. Of course, we do understand that these are elementary school pupils, so we try to make it interesting for them. Lessons are interrupted by dancing breaks, and – to master knowledge – all participants are offered games for attention and Truth or Lie.’

According to the classroom teacher of grade 3 at school No. 6 of Alexandrovsk of the Perm krai Maria Senko, children were all steamed up about the event. ‘They were always involved to the maximum extent possible, learnt the now safety and security rules and spend their time perfectly well! I would add for myself that the event was arranged robustly, interestingly and usefully! Thanks a lot to Unipro for such hearty and necessary work!’ Maria said.