Publication date: 08.11.22
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Shaturskaya GRES Power Engineers Held a Lesson in the Shatura Lyceum

Employees of Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES branch held a lesson for pupils of grade 3 of the Shatura lyceum. The kids were told about the work of various works and functions and about the operations of the power plant in general. Young lyceum students came to know about different types of fuel and to even try on special uniform of a power engineer.

Elena Bezrodnykh, chemical analysis laboratory assistant at the Chemical Laboratory of Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES branch: ‘Our objective was to tell the kids about operations at the state district power station in a clear and accessible form. We wanted to communicate to them that the profession of power engineer is no less important than the profession of doctor or firefighter.

Acquaintance with Shaturskaya GRES continued in the power station history museum. The kids learnt about remarkable personalities in the history of the power industry and implementation of the GOELRO (State Commission for Electrification of Russia) plan, about how the power plant was built and how Shatura dwellers lived a hundred years ago. Notwithstanding a lot of complicated technical information, young visitors listened to the guide very attentively, asked questions, stuck around and explored exhibits for quite a time after the excursion ended.

Evgenia Metelkina, Head of the Press Centre, Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES branch: ‘Such career guidance lessons are one of the activities found in Unipro’s ESG strategy. The main goal of the project is to increase the level of pupils’ knowledge, promote the profession of power engineer and perform career guidance work.’