Publication date: 08.11.22
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On 3 November, Yaiva Hosted the Premier of the Uniproshka: Rescue Ranger Performance

Young actors of the Balaganchik children’s theatre studio at the Energetik hall of culture led by Marina Alexeeva took part in the show. The stage play was supported by Unipro in furtherance of the Uniproshka for Children project commenced in 2018. The project educates kids to behave safely and to master elementary self-protection skills.

During the play presented as a fairy-tale in the form popular for kids, children are told what to do if you are bullied at school, if you are alone at home and there is a ring at the door, and how to behave if a stranger invites you over. The main character Uniproshka gives insightful pieces of advice to children and helps them work their ways out of difficult situations.

The scriptwriter is N. Zheltova, the artistic director of the Art-Entre children’s theatre studio in Sharypovo where Berezovskaya GRES is located. Studio students have been presenting an interactive fairy-tale to the audience since 2019. 

Teaching the basics of safe behaviour to kids in all the regions of Unipro presence is totally compliant with its sustainability goals and ESG principles.

Runs of the performance will continue, it can be visited by other children as well.

Marina Alexeeva, Head of the Balaganchik theatre team at the Energetic hall of culture:

– It was interesting, rather than difficult, for me as a director! To combine various forms, dive into something different or touch something new is always fascinating. The kids dived into the general idea of the play fondly! Work over the role, searches for different solutions, to cooperate, find, saturate the music row, uncover and tell the story. The Uniproshka for Children project is necessary! And it’s nice that it advances. Thanks to the project, I came to know a very responsive and interesting person – Natalia Vladimirovna Dorofeeva, Head of the Press Service at Yaivinskaya GRES.
Thanks to Unipro for the trust in holding the event. We look forward to further cooperation!

Maria Beyger, thought leader of the Uniproshka for Children project, press secretary for Unipro PJSC:

– In 2018, we launched the Uniproshka for Children project starting it from lessons for elementary school pupils. And it became clear right away that the project is important and needs development, and the idea to make a children’s play dawned on us. We contacted Natalia Valentinovna Zheltova, head of the Art-Entre theatre studio (Sharypovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai), and our collaboration resulted in the Uniproshka: Rescue Ranger performance. The play was praised by the teachers, representatives of the education sector, and, what’s important, kids themselves. We would want the play to be seen by children in other regions of Unipro’s presence. It was a pleasure for us that Marina Ivanovna Alexeeva responded to the offer to work on the script. That is how the fairy-tale about Uniproshka and his friends came to Yaiva settlement. I hope that in some time we’ll be able to stage it in Alexandrovsk, Surgut, Shatura and Ozerny settlement.