Publication date: 06.10.22
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To Practice Actions

As part of the work of the winterisation commission, an emergency (combined with fire-fighting) drill was held at Shaturskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC.

The organisers prepared two scenarios. In the first scenario, the personnel had to practice actions in case of a fuel oil leak at the boiler of Power Unit No. 6. According to the legend, fuel oil falls on hot surfaces of the boiler unit with subsequent ignition. The information is immediately reported to Fire Safety Centre LLC and the power plant shift supervisor. The latter, in turn, informs the GRES management. At the same time, a demand for the plant workers to leave the dangerous place is announced. A fire brigade quickly arrives at the emergency site and gets to work. The task for the personnel and the fire brigade was to ensure emergency shutdown of Power Unit No. 6, to eliminate the fire, and to switch the heating network to the hot water boiler house. An additional criterion was the need to maintain the thermal load of the plant at 20 degrees below zero.

In the second scenario, power engineers had to practice their actions in case of emergency shutdown of the circulation pump of Power Unit No. 7 (400 MW CCGT).

During the drill, all tasks were completed successfully, as conceived. The power plant management noted the high level of the participants’ readiness and work coordination and spoke positively about the actions by the response personnel of the branch and employees of Fire Safety Centre LLC.