Publication date: 18.12.13
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Erection of the pre-assembled equipment of the Boiler of Unit No.3 at Berezovskaya GRES Site started

The 3d stage of erection of the main equipment of the Boiler of Unit No.3 at Berezovskaya GRES Branch of E.ON Russia JSC, Sharypovo, the Krasnoyarsk territory, involves installation of the pre-assemblies of the Boiler convective shaft and pipeline blocks.
First pipeline block (116 ton) was lifted to 90m elevation and fastened in the area of the convective shaft. In order to lift the structure they used special transfer device with tilter and pedestal for the equipment supporting. In the Boiler room of the Unit under construction it is planned to install 4 similar preassembled blocks. For the purpose of the Boiler efficiency improvement, supporting frame will be modernized and reheat steam pipelines will be relocated.
Process of the Boiler equipment erection provides 5 successive stages; among which 2 have been already completed and 6 400 ton of steel structures have been erected. Erection term of the 3d stage is December, 2013. For that period more than 5 795 ton of the main boiler equipment is to be installed, including crane blocks, heating surfaces, pipelines, coal/ flue gas/air ducts and special steel structures.
Overall weight of the Boiler of Unit No.3 at BGRES exceeds 25 000 ton, height exceeds 90m.  According to the design of the Unit under construction there is a brown coal fired Boiler. The coal for the Unit comes from the Berezovskoe mine.
900 persons are engaged into the Boiler erection. Aggregate number of the specialists at the Site is currently 3 070 persons. In general, 47 contractors are involved into the Project implementation.
For E.ON Russia, the 800 MW power Unit No. 3 at Berezovskaya GRES is the final project under the mandatory investment program. Following the power unit commissioning scheduled for early 2015, the installed capacity of BGRES will amount to 2400 MW and the installed capacity of E.ON Russia will make more than 11.1 GW, which is by 30% more than before the beginning of the investment program implementation.