Publication date: 28.10.11
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The meeting of E.ON Russia Board of Directors was held

The Board of Directors of E.ON Russia approved the Carbon Units Operation Agreement signed by and between E.ON Russia JSC, E.ON Carbon Sourcing GmbH and Sberbank of Russia JSC.
This agreement applies to 400 MW CCGT construction project at Shaturskaya GRES (the new unit was commissioned in quarter 4 of the year 2010). The project has been duly approved. In 2010 the project was registered in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and international laws as a joint project implemented under Art. 6 of Kyoto Protocol. 400 MW CCGT of Shaturskaya GRES has become the first project which was approved by UNO for the use of Kyoto Protocol mechanisms.
Emission reduction units obtained within the project in 2010 are put into operation and are ready for sale.
Pursuant to the laws, transfer of emission reduction units obtained in joint projects is effected under trilateral agreements signed by and between the project investor (E.ON Russia JSC), purchaser (E.ON Carbon Sourcing) and Carbon Units Operator (Sberbank RF).