Publication date: 22.09.11
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Meeting of the Board of Directors of E.ON Russia

The results of the annual absentee meeting of the Company’s Board of Directors have been summed up.
The Board of Directors approved the Additional Agreement to the Loan Agreement signed by and between E.ON Russia JSC and E.ON AG, thus extending the loan period by a year, till November 30, 2012.
The Loan Agreement was approved by the Board of Directors on November 25, 2011. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, E.ON Russia granted a loan of 1.75 bln. roubles to E.ON AG.
The Board of Directors approved changes to be introduced into the Company budget for 2011 in the IFRS format. The changes were necessitated by increase in the budget regarding company’s charity program financing.
Also the Board of Directors approved the use of E.ON International Assignments Policy as the company’s internal document, which stipulates the order of assistance to concern’s employees assigned to long-term international business trips.