Publication date: 11.04.07
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Today, within the framework of his trip to Sharypovo, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Aleksandr Khloponin visited Berezovskaya TPP Subsidiary of OGK-4, where an extended meeting dedicated to prospects for the development of Sharypovo and the Sharypovo District for the period ending 2017 was held. The meeting was attended by heads of territories, public members, and the heads of OGK-4 and the Krasnoyarsk Divisions of SUEK, whose subsidiaries are the main local economic mainstays.


The choice of the meeting's location was not accidental, as the key issue on the agenda was the completion of construction of Berezovskaya TPP's Power Unit 3. In his report, OGK-4 Director General Andrey Kitashev focused on the background of the Project and the progress of its implementation. According to Mr. Kitashev, the sustained economic growth in Siberia necessitates commissioning of new generating capacity. As of today, 50% of the Berezovskaya TPP Power Unit 3 construction work has been completed, which will enable the Company's to significantly reduce the Project implementation period. The Unit 3 commissioning is scheduled for late 2009.


The heads of the cities and regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory gave a positive evaluation of the OGK-4 plans. In addition, they mentioned the Company's active participation in the implementation of various social programs throughout this area: assistance provided to health, sports, and education institutions, as well as organization of cultural events.


The Berezovskaya TPP Power Unit 3 Project was also welcomed by representatives of the local coal sector. "The commissioning of new capacity at the TPP will contribute to an increase in the production of the Berezovsky-1 Coal Strip Mine, the key fuel supplier for Berezovskaya TPP, by about 2 million tonnes a year," said Director General of the SUEK Krasnoyarsk Division Alexandr Kuznetsov.


In summation, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Aleksandr Khloponin emphasized that the implementation of the project for commissioning of new capacity at Berezovskaya TPP Subsidiary of OGK-4 would serve as a basis for long-term sustained development of the Western regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. "Developing Berezovskaya TPP's potential will make it possible to create new jobs in the area, strengthen its tax base, and promote its social sphere. In other words, this will give a powerful impetus to the Territory's entire development," summed up Mr. Khloponin.


In addition, in the course of the meeting Mr. Khloponin and Mr. Kitashev reached an agreement for the continuation of social and economic cooperation between the Krasnoyarsk Territory and OGK-4. The parties intend to sign a relevant Agreement in May 2007.