Publication date: 06.02.07
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Generation Company Four of the Wholesale Market of Power and Energy (OGK-4), through a public offering, has sold 201,889 ordinary shares (100% minus 1 share) in Transavto. This shareholding was sold under the strategy for the sale of non-core assets of the RAO UESR subsidiaries and dependent companies. The preferred bidder, in the procedure of sale of OGK-4's shareholding in Transavto, is Remenergomontazh, with the amount of transaction accounting for 14,292,000 rubles.


Transavto (registered address: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sharypovo District) was established in 2003 on the base of the BTPP-1 Transportation Department. Its core business is provision of motor services for transportation of freights and passengers. The authorized capital of Transavto comprises 201,890 registered ordinary shares, each with a par value of 100 rubles. The founders of this company were BTPP-1 (100% minus 1 share) and TsNII NPKenergo (1 share). As a result of the restructuring of BTPP-1 through its takeover by OGK-4, the latter came to hold the interest in Transavto. The decision to terminate the Company's participation in Transavto by means of selling its shares through a public offering was made by the OGK-4 Board of Directors on September 6, 2006.