Publication date: 06.12.06
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Today, 6 December, at 10 am Moscow Time, Surgutskaya TPP-2 (subsidiary of OGK-4) generated 600 billion kWh from the launch of its first power unit.


At present, Surgutskaya TPP-2 is Europe's and Russia’s most powerful thermal power plant. The plant was built in record-breaking short period: its first power unit was commissioned in 1985 and its last one in 1988. The plant's highest electric power generation was 34.9 billion kWh in 1990, while the lowest one was 25.4 billion kWh in 1996, during the economic decline in this country.


From 2002, when the power consumption started to grow fast in the Tyumen Region, the plant's power generation has increased considerably.  In 2006, Surgutskaya TPP-2 generated 29.4 billion kWh, as compared with 30.8 billion kWh in 2003. If the current rate of power consumption growth in the region persists, the plant will increase its generation by 100 million kWh every three years.


Surgutskaya TPP-2 is on RAO UESR's list of high priority sites for construction of new generating facilities in Russia's areas experiencing shortages of electricity. The project provides for the construction by 2010 of two 400 MW combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT-400). According to the Surgutskaya TPP-2 Development Plan for the Period Ending 2015, the plant's capacity is to be increased by a total of 1,600 MW.