Publication date: 13.09.06
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Andrey Kitashev, Director General of Generation Company Four of the Wholesale Electric Power Market (OGK-4), has participated in the annual "Russia: Energy of Creation" conference organized by UBS. In his speech made at the "round table" dedicated to the electric power industry and the power engineering industry, Mr. Kitashev spoke about the OGK-4 activity and shared the plans related to the implementation of the Company's large-scale Investment Program.


The OGK-4 Corporate Strategy for 2006-2015 provides for the construction of new 4,000-MW generating facilities. Under Investment Program Phase 1 for the period ending 2010, it is planned to commission combined-cycle plants at Surgutskaya TPP-2 (CCP-800), Shaturskaya TPP (CCP-400), and Yaivinskaya TPP (CCP-400). In addition, it is intended to complete the construction of 800-MW Power Unit 3 at Berezovskaya TPP. Investment Program Phase 2 (2010-2015) provides for the construction of new CCP-400 units at Surgutskaya TPP and Yaivinskaya TPP, and a CCP-800 unit at Surgutskaya TPP-2. As a result, the installed capacity of OGK-4 is to increase 1.5-fold and reach 12,630 MW. The cost of the OGK-4 Investment Program for the period ending 2015 is estimated at about 100 billion rubles.