Publication date: 28.10.14
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Yaivinskaya GRES received the certificate of operational readiness for the autumn-winter period 2014-2015

E.ON Russia Yaivinskaya GRES has received the Certificate of operational readiness for the autumn-winter period 2014-2015.

Yaivinskaya GRES operational readiness for autumn and winter was inspected by the commission including management of E.ON Russia JSC, representatives of System Operator, Rostechnadzor and EMERCOM of Russia for the Permskiy Krai, chaired by Alexander Novikov, Head of CCGT Repair and Maintenance Department.

The commission has inspected operational reliability of basic and auxiliary power unit equipment at maximum load. The station drills in response to emergency with decreasing outdoor air up to -30°C were carried out during the inspection. Actions of employees at freezing of compressed air pipeline, bus bar coupling connector and fire line, crystallization of alkalis in the storage tanks, breakage of crane vibrators, oil cooler depressurization were developed and trained. As a result the commission has confirmed that basic and additional ready-to-operate conditions in autumn-winter period are fulfilled by the branch.

Therefore, the E.ON Russia’s power plant has obtained the Certificate of operational readiness for maximum load period 2014-2015. In order to operate successfully during the autumn-winter period and increase power equipment reliability the relevant measures based on investment, repair and target programs were carried out.