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14.05.20 Shaturskaya GRES has closed the heating season

On 6 May, pursuant to the Resolution of the Head of the Shatura Urban District, Unipro PJSC Shaturskaya GRES Branch closed the heating season.

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13.05.20 Smolenskaya GRES has closed the heating season in the Ozerny Settlement

Smolenskaya GRES has closed the heating season pursuant to the order of the Ozerny Urban Settlement Administration.

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12.05.20 Shaturskaya GRES is proceeding with the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease

In order to prevent the spread of the desease all motor vehicles have been treated with disinfectants. The operating employees on the ground are being provided with all necessary protection equipment as a precaution against the disease.

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07.05.20 Yavinskaya GRES has closed the heating season

Unipro PJSC Yaivinskaya GRES Branch has summed up the results for 8 months of the 2019–2020 heating season.

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07.05.20 Unipro Publishes IFRS Results for Q1 2020

Unipro Group is publishing unaudited financial results for three months of 2020 in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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07.05.20 Unipro PJSC Board of Directors Approves the Holding of AGSM in Absentia

The Unipro PJSC Board of Directors  approved the date of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of the company to be held by absentee voting – June 10, 2020.

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30.04.20 Conference Call: Unipro Q1 2020 Results

On May 7, 2020 Unipro Group will publish their results for 3M 2020. The event will start at 1 pm MSK (12:00 CET).

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28.04.20 Unipro Publishes RAS Accounting Statements for Q1 2020

Unipro PJSC publishes the accounting statements prepared in accordance with the Russian Accou ting Standards (RAS) for the first three months of 2020.

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24.04.20 Unipro PJSC Power Plants Generated 12.0 bln kWh in Q1 2020

From January to March 2020, Unipro PJSC power plants generated 12.0 bn kWh.

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03.04.20 Meeting of Board of Directors of Unipro PJSC

On April 02, 2020, the Board of Directors of Unipro PJSC held a meeting and approved to include the candidates nominated by company’s shareholders into the list of candidates for the election of the company’s Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders following the results of 2019.

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