Сorporate governance practice

Unipro PJSC defines corporate governance as the system of relationship between the company’s executive bodies, its Board of Directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Unipro PJSC views the corporate governance as a tool for setting the company’s goals and means for achieving thereof and ensuring efficient control over the company’s business activities by shareholders and other stakeholders.


Transparency - timely disclosure of reliable information on the company’s activities.

Responsibility - open dialogue with the representatives of all stakeholders, recognition of their rights and legitimate interests.

Accountability - accountability of the Board of Directors to the shareholders and of executive bodies to the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors.

Fairness - equal treatment of all shareholders and strict protection of their legitimate interests and rights.

Reliability - reliable and efficient registration of share ownership.

Ethics - adherence to ethical standards preventing the abuse of their official position by Company employees in prejudice of the company or third parties.

Sustainable development/sustainability – balance between the company’s economic interests and voluntary commitments to improve the social, economic, and environmental aspects in the regions of the company’s operations.

Unipro’s key goal is to provide for an effective corporate governance aimed at best efficiency and performance of the company’s business, to ensure improved transparency and justification of adopted managerial decisions, risk reduction, and protection of the rights and interests of the company’s shareholders. A special role in building an efficient corporate governance system goes to the governance standards which are extensively used by the Uniper Group and which the company vigorously incorporates into its governance practice.