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05.04.12 E.ON Russia publishes reporting according to IFRS for 2011

E.ON Russia JSC publishes audited financial reporting under the International Financial Reporting Statements (IFRS) for 2011.

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27.03.12 E.ON Russia publishes financial statements under the RAS for 2011

E.ON Russia JSC publishes the financial statements prepared in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for 2011. The company's revenue amounted to 67.3 billion roubles having increased by 25.1% as compared to 2010. Production costs increased by 18.5% and amounted to 48.2 billion roubles.

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15.11.11 E.ON Russia publishes accounting statements over 9 months of 2011 on the basis of the RAS

Revenues of the company over 9 months of 2011 amounted to 48.2 billion rubles, increased by 26.3% compared to the same period of the past year. Profit before taxation increased by 47.6% - up to 13.3 billion rubles. Net profits of E.ON Russia amounted in January-September to 10.9 billion rubles which is higher than a year before by 44.7%.

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19.09.11 E.ON Russia publishes IFRS financial statements for the first half of 2011

E.ON Russia's profit in the first half of 2011 increased by 31.2% in comparison with the same period of 2010*, reaching 31,323 billion rubles. Operating expenses rose by 21.7%, up to 22,739 billion rubles. Profit before taxation amounts to 8,855 billion rubles, which is 57.3% higher than in the period from January to June 2010.

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15.08.11 E.ON Russia publishes H1 2011 RAS Accounting Statement

E.ON Russia JSC publishes audited accounting statement prepared as per Russian Accounting Standard (RAS) for the first half-year 2011

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