Unipro PJSC
Annual Report for 2020

Stakeholder Engagement

Unipro PJSC is committed to maintaining a continuous dialogue with stakeholders. Unipro PJSC working group prepared a list of key stakeholders for the purposes of this Annual Report. The list was made with due regard both for the Company’s economic, social and environmental impacts on various stakeholders, on the one hand, and for the impact of various stakeholders on the Company’s business, on the other hand.102-42

The Company works to develop mechanisms of interaction with each group of stakeholders by respecting a balance of interests and ensuring full and timely disclosure of information, expanding cooperation with the stakeholders and encouraging their involvement in Unipro PJSC activities.

The Company actively interacts with all stakeholders through discussions and meetings of management and control bodies, press conferences, press tours, official correspondence, participation in seminars and thematic conferences, as well as through surveys.102-43

Ranking of Stakeholders102−40