Unipro PJSC
Annual Report for 2020

Social Activities and Contributions to the Regions of Presence

Approaches and Major Lines

Unipro makes a significant contribution to the development of the regions where it operates. The social projects being implemented and funded address specific problems of the relative regions, as well as contribute to the acceleration of their economic and social development.

As a socially responsible company, Unipro annually implements a comprehensive social investment program aimed at improving the quality of life of people in all regions where its enterprises operate and educating a new generation of professional power engineers.

The Company’s 2020 Social Investment Program was developed in accordance with the Regulation on Social Investment Policy, which sets the guiding principles of Unipro’s charitable and sponsorship activities.

The objectives of social investments are as follows:

  • Strengthening the Company’s reputation and credibility among third parties (population in the regions of the Company’s presence, local administrations, and other stakeholders);
  • Demonstrating responsible attitude of Unipro PJSC to the social environment in which it operates;
  • Creating a favourable environment in the staff to facilitate improvements in the loyalty of the staff and appeal of the Company as an employer

The main principles of the comprehensive social program are transparency, targeting and efficient use of funds.

Priority Areas
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Culture and sport
  • Support for veterans, low-income groups
    and people with disabilities
  • Support of charitable foundations

Unipro carries out its charitable activities in two basic forms.

Charity is a type of Social Investments as permitted by the applicable law of the Russian Federation providing for free transfer of funds (assets) by the Company to support non-profit initiatives (implementation of cultural, sports, or social projects) in the instances when the Company expects no quid pro quo.

Sponsorship is a type of Social Investments as permitted by the applicable law of the Russian Federation providing for contractual partnership with a company or event organizers where the Company secures certain rights and preferences for its PR and marketing objectives (e.g., strengthening of the Company’s business reputation, promoting the Company’s Brand) in exchange for financial support agreed upon by the parties.

Public health projects and initiatives, educational projects, cultural, and sports projects shall be prioritized for nomination as potential beneficiaries of charity support or sponsorship in Unipro. Besides, the Company provides charitable assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of power plants being part of the Company group, home front workers and persons involved in local armed conflicts, as well as the Company former employees who receive stateprovided pension and who are in distress. All the assistance is targeted and carefully considered. The main criterion for allocating funds to charity is the greatest coverage of the residents of the territory who will be able to benefit from Unipro’s support.

The total social investments of Unipro for recent three years are
296RUB mln
Social investments, RUB mln
Every year Unipro implements more than 50 socially important charity projects. In 2020 the assistance was addressed to:
  • 20 preschool secondary and higher educational institutions
  • 5 health care institutions
  • 10 cultural institutions and 10 sports projects
  • Support for veterans, low-income groups and people with disabilities
  • 4 charitable foundations and 2 festivals

Results of the existing social projects203-1203-2


Support of education is one of social priorities of Unipro PJSC. As part of the charitable assistance program, the Company implements a wide range of educational projects.

In 2020 all branches provided financial assistance to the project “Career Begins at School», RUB 2.3 mln were allocated for its development.

Thanks to Smolenskaya GRES’ support last year computer and multimedia equipment was updated in the energy class of the secondary school in the village of Ozerny. Twelve students of the school studied in the energy class in 2019-2020 in the direction of “Instrumentation Operator”. After completing these courses, ten students entered the Smolensk Regional Technological Academy after the ninth grade choosing the specialty of “Instrumentation and Controls Operator” and “Technical Operation and Maintenance of Electrical and Electromechanical Equipment”.

Yaivinskaya GRES allocated financial assistance to Municipal Budgetary General Education Institution “General Secondary School of Yaiva Village”. Due to the small number of students in senior classes in the Village of Yaiva, it was decided to start occupational guidance of schoolchildren, starting from the secondary school. For this purpose, testing was organised, which revealed children’s interest in certain areas of study for the subsequent in-depth study of specialized subjects.

In 2020 Surgutskaya-2 GRES also supported the project, taking care not only of the educational activities of the students of energy classes, but also of their health: Unipro financed the workout platform purchase.

A special computer for video editing and two interactive panels for classrooms were purchased for the Shatursky Lyceum. The “Historical Dictation” turned out to be an interesting and useful event for the students. The arranging for and the holding of the first educational event of this kind in Shatura was initiated by the management of Shaturskaya GRES. It was aimed at checking the level of knowledge of the Russian language among the future power engineers, and making the children interected in the history of their native land. Much work has been done for the specialised educational institution – Shatursky Energy Technical School, where a classroom was repaired and equipped with all the necessary furniture in 2020.

Berezovskaya GRES implements the project “Career Begins at School” in cooperation with the Polytechnic Institute of the Siberian Federal University. The allocated funds were used to modernise the training base of the Department of Heat and Power Engineering, and laboratory equipment was purchased for students of energy classes.

All first-grade pupils of the village of Yaiva received stationery sets as a gift from the GRES by September 1, and kindergarten No. 23 was able to purchase methodological and technical support for children’s design engineering.

Shaturskaya GRES provided charitable support to kindergarten No. 5 located in Kerva microdistrict. The funds have been allocated to procure locker room furniture.

Thanks to Smolenskaya GRES, cosmetic repairs were made in the premises of the kindergarten “Skazka” (Ozerny Village) and the Dukhovshchinsky Social Minor Rehabilitation Centre “Lastochka”. While the kindergarten “Kolokolchik” replaced the old children furniture in one of the groups. In addition, assistance was provided to the Federation of Ship Modelling Sports of the Smolensk Region for holding competitions in ship modelling “Anatoly Lebedev Cup” in the village of Ozerny and to the Odyssey ship modelling club for the purchase of a 3D printer and components for models


The social investment program of Unipro PJSC includes a number of measures to support medical institutions in the regions where the power plants operate.

In 2020, Unipro PJSC provided additional assistance to medical institutions in Sharypov (the Krasnoyarsk Territory), Surgut and Berezniki (the Perm Region) to combat a new coronavirus infection, allocating about RUB 7 mln for this purpose.

The Sharypovskaya district hospital received 10,000 disposable masks, 5,000 disposable gloves, reusable filter masks, screen masks, non-contact thermometers, sanitary sprayers, a large batch of antiviral drugs and protective anti-epidemic suits, as well as anti-Covid medications. In November, the hospital received a gift from Unipro – a new ambulance.

Yaivinskaya GRES made a very important investment by providing assistance to the State Budget Institution of Healthcare of the Perm Region “E.A. Wagner Regional Hospital” in Berezniki. Two blood gas and electrolyte analysers were purchased for COVIDdepartments.

PP Surgutskaya-2 provided assistance with personal protective equipment for the doctors of Budgetary Institution Surgut City Polyclinic No. 3 of the KhantyMansiisk Autonomous District-Ugra.

Smolenskaya GRES allocated funds for the purchase of medical equipment for Ozernenskaya District Hospital No. 1 – a portable microprocessor spirograph, two electrocardiographs, and an automatic hematology analyser.

Financial assistance was also addressed by PP Surgutskaya-2 to Surgut City Polyclinic No. 2. In such challenging times for the city’s health care institutions, the said support has become very significant for primary care institutions. The funds transferred by the branch were used to purchase medical furniture, a device for drying medical clothes and irons. Surgut City Polyclinic No. 1 has purchased construction materials for repair.

In 2020, a three-year project was completed to transfer the children’s health camp “Ingol” to the Sharypovsky district. The camp was transferred as non-core property for the power plant to the Sharypovo authorities in 2018. Since the district budget is approved for a three-year period, and there were no funds for the camp support, the Company undertook to finance the costs of children’s recreation in the camp from the social investment program. Within three years, about RUB 10 mln were allocated for its maintenance. In 2021, the camp will be switched to funding from budgetary sources

Culture and sport

The social responsiveness activities carried out by the Company contribute not only to the socio-economic development of the Russian regions, but also to the preservation of traditional intellectual and cultural values. Unipro PJSC provides charitable assistance to museums, theatres, and supports sports projects.

In 2020, the Company continued to support scheduled cultural and sports events in the regions of its presence, despite the difficulties of conducting them in the context of the spread of the new virus.

In February, the stage of the Novaya Opera Theatre hosted the 1st International Music Festival “Energy of Discoveries” aimed at raising awareness of new Russian composers. The audience saw two premieres: musical performances with actors Anatoly Bely, Katerina Shpitsa and Maxim Drozd, the premiere of the world ballet Farukh Ruzimatov, the prima and premiere of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Irina Perren and Marat Shemiunov, the Bolshoi Ballet artist Victoria Litvinova and other artists. The festival was dedicated to the composers of the XX century Leonid Polovinkin, George Katuar, Nikolai Golovanov and Alexander Mosolov. The music was performed by the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sergey Kondrashov.

The Golden Mask Theatre Festival was held in Smolensk for the first time: the performances of the leading Moscow theatres were held in November. Unipro PJSC was the general partner of the Smolensk project. In 2020 the whole world faced an epidemiological crisis caused by COVID-19, and the Golden Mask was not an exception, it had to suspend its activities. Thanks to resumption of the regional programs and touring activities of the festival the theatre groups were able to return to their professional activities, and the audience - to their former cultural life. The festival was opened by the performance “Pygmalion” of the Moscow Mayakovsky Theatre staged by the winner of the Golden Mask Award Leonid Heifetz with wonderful acting performances by Igor Kostolevsky, Svetlana Prokofieva, Anatoly Lobotsky and Natalia Palagushkina. The second performance was “Do not Part with your Beloved” by the Moscow Youth Theatre staged by Henrietta Yanovskaya based on the famous play of the same name by Alexander Volodin.

To assist in cultural and historical heritage preservation, Unipro PJSC regularly supports and finances projects for updating the material and technical base of cultural institutions: museums, cultural centres, libraries in the regions where the enterprises operate.

Berezovskaya GRES provides assistance to the Sharypovsky Theatre for many years. The branch financed roofing repair.

In 2020, Yaivinskaya GRES sponsored the annual inter-municipal festival for disabled children “Ray of Hope”. The Yaivinsky Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy purchased Camis software for the registration of exhibits and a colour printer using the charity funds of the station. The dance team of the City Palace of Culture in Alexandrovsk received the funds for the purchase of costumes for participation in offsite competitions.

In 2020 PP Surgutskaya-2 provided assistance to Budgetary Institution Gerontology Centre of the KhantyMansiisk Autonomous District-Ugra for the first time. The money was spent on the purchase of a notebook, which will significantly expand the possibilities of socio-cultural rehabilitation of the elderly people. In January the Old Surgut Historical and Cultural Centre hosted a presentation of the Wooden Lace Project that was created at the expense of the branch. New carved wooden signs appeared on the house museums of the Historical and Cultural Centre, which are a copy of the houses of late XIX – early XX century, to tell the guests, visitors and residents of Surgut, about the history of the appearance of museum samples of urban wooden architecture.

Unipro PJSC actively promotes the development of physical culture and mass sports. The charity projects are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, repairing and equipping sports facilities.

For example, last year, funds were allocated to Municipal Public Institution Zeus Sports Complex in the village of Yaiva for the purchase of an incline bench press machine and a uniform for the swim team. And the children’s volleyball section of the city of Alexandrovsk received new balls. The training sessions of young volleyball players have become most rewarding. The branch participated in the creation of the first modern public outdoor sports ground with exercise equipment in the village. It was made as part of the national project “Demography” and the federal project “Sport is the norm of life”. The charitable contribution of the Yaiinskaya GRES was spent on the base for the sports ground and a specialized rubberized coating, as well as for lighting and video surveillance.

A grand opening of the sports ground took place in the Bely Park of the town of Sharypovo, the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The purchase of brand-new modern sports equipment and installation of a hardsurfaced ground have been sponsored by Unipro PJSC. Several anti-vandal exercise machines have been installed, pedestrian paths and a platform in front of the stage have been paved.

In 2020, the branch of Shaturskaya GRES rendered financial aid to the ski club for children and teenagers. Young skiers were able to get grained in a new modern and, most importantly, comfortable outfit.

In 2020 Smolenskaya GRES helped taekwondo sections located in the town of Dukhovshchiny and Ozerny village. The funds allocated have been used for the procurement of helmets, kicking paddles, chest protectors, kicking paddles. During the period of relaxation of COVID-19 related restrictions, the promising athletes were able to go to training camps in Vitebsk.

In 2020 PP Surgutskaya-2 provided assistance to fire brigade sports team of the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District-Ugra. This team is a multiple medallist and winner of all-Russian competitions.

As part of the project for summer employment of teenagers “Unipro Labour Detachment”, sixty teenagers from Sharypovo were engaged in cleaning and landscaping of parks, public gardens, and children playgrounds, were issued their employment record books, and were paid their first salaries

Support for veterans, low-income groups and people with disabilities

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, PP Surgutskaya-2 provided assistance to the city council of veterans, as well as to the veterans, former employees of the station. Shaturskaya GRES gives special recognition to veterans who are currently employed at the plant and paid for subscriptions to the local newspaper for plant veterans, all military and home-front veterans of WWII from Shatura. By 09 May all veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Ozerny village received financial aid for treatment and purchase of medicines.

As a rule, every year a certain part of charitable funds is allocated for people with disabilities. This year, in view of the restrictions associated with the spread of coronavirus, computers donated by Unipro PJSC within the framework of the project for rural disabled people “Sharypovsky district is the territory of equal opportunities” helped disabled people to pass the period of self-isolation without complications. 14 families with disabled children who study in secondary schools, as well as three students managed to continue their education in a remote mode. According to the survey, more than half of the disabled people systematically used online resources organised for citizens who are in self-isolation.

Support of charitable foundations

In 2020, Unipro provided assistance to 12 care recipients of the GALCHONOK Charitable Foundation for Children and Youth with central nervous system disorders. The kids were delivered a rehabilitation course in dedicated centres and provided with equipment.

In 2020, the Company again organised the annual campaign “Books as a gift” as part of cooperation with the foundation «Illustrated Books for Young Blind Children». During this campaign 25 institutions for visually impaired children received 216 sets, including colour illustrated tactile books, an electronic device “Magic Pencil”, collections of entertaining tasks and a three-dimensional game set “a miniature table theatre.

Volunteer Movement

The employees of Unipro PJSC with a pro-active, social committed attitude and strong desire to help are joining the volunteer movement. In 2020, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, volunteering continued to develop.

PP Surgutskaya-2 employees visited veterans and former employees of the station and presented them with gifts in connection with the 35th anniversary of the branch. More than two hundred elderly people received holiday packs.

The members of the youth association of Berezovskaya GRES prepared gifts for the veterans of the Sharypovsky district and recorded a touching video greeting. In September, employees together with the youth centre of the city of Sharypovo held a fundraising campaign “Help Me Go To School”. The funds were delivered to the children’s centre «Raduga», which had been engaged in the education and upbringing of children growing up in disadvantaged and low-income families since 2008. The Shaggy Happiness animal shelter was running out of food, and its employees did not know where to get the necessary funds to buy food for their pets. Therefore, 15 employees of the youth association and the chemical shop of the branch decided to raise funds and purchased everything necessary for our younger brothers.

In spring members of the youth association of Yayvinsky GRES organised together with Yaiva administration a volunteer clean-up of a birchwood in the centre of the village, which is the favourite recreation place of the Yaivinians.

Shaturskaya GRES power engineers together with employees of the complex youth centre of Shatura organised a quest game. Passing the tests, the participants were able to delve in the historical atmosphere and take on the roles of engineers, builders, power engineers, to build a town and its infrastructure by effort of their teams. In September, Shaturskaya GRES held a charity event “100 books of goodness”. During the month, we managed to collect about 300 publications: fairy tales, detective stories, science fiction, classical and educational literature. The members of the Youth Association donated part of the books to students of the boarding school for children with disabilities, another part to the library and information centre of Shatura Town District.

Smolenskaya GRES employees and schoolchildren of the 10-11th grades of the Ozerny Secondary School joined the All-Russian campaign “Clean Coast”, held on the Environment Day. The coastal strips of GRES water discharge and the village beach were cleared of garbage under direction of the environmental department of the station.

Smolenskaya GRES and Shaturskaya GRES employees joined the flash mob “We stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us!” The purpose of the campaign is to remind people that there is a risk of catching COVID-19 staying outside in public places

In 2020, the Headquarters staff took part in two charity fairs organised in favour of the care recipients of “Volunteers to Help Orphans” Charitable Foundation and bought New Year’s gifts for children from low-income families staying under care “Russian Birch” Foundation.

Uniproshka for Kids

The communication project “Uniproshka – for Kids” is held in the regions where the Company operates for the third year. Its main goal is to teach children of preschool and primary school age how to behave correctly and, most importantly, safely in the street, at home, as well as in public places, that is, to help them master the basic skills of behaviour in emergencies. The power engineers are implementing this beneficial project with the help of Uniproshka — a character invented by the Company. He introduces the children to traffic rules, communication with strangers and hooligans as part of a game.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which adjusted the way the program was implemented, the Company held a number of events in Shatura, Yaiva, Ozerny and Sharypovo. In February, September and November, the branch staff together with the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection told the children about the traffic rules and gave them flickers – reflective badges and stickers, in Shatura.

The Yaivinskaya GRES employees organised a largescale education program for preschool and primary school children. In January, February and July, the campaign was held for all kindergarten children in the village of Yaiva and the town of Alexandrovsk. Uniproshka and a road safety inspector explained to the children the importance of using reflective elements. In September, such valuable lessons were started in one of the schools for primary classes. In general, 2020 activities covered more than 200 children of the Alexandrovsk district.

Smolenskaya GRES has chosen another way of presenting information about the traffic rules: it invited representatives of the school volunteer group “Activists” and showed a cartoon about the pedestrian crossing and the rules of behaviour on sidewalks and roadways in Ozerny Secondary School.

The pandemic and self-isolation regime allowed Unipro to develop activities aimed at the children of employees through the social networks: educational cartoons, useful tips from Uniproshka were posted in Instagram and VKontakte. For the first time in its social network activities, the Company held the contest “Make Uniproshka”, which literally broke the Internet. More than 150 works were submitted to the competition, from which the best ones were then selected, the authors of which received the Company’s memorable prises later

Promotion of the extension of knowledge and skills

In December 2020, an online presentation of the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of GOELRO (State Commission for Electrification of Russia) was held in Surgut, with Unipro being one of the sponsors. The exposition outlines the history of power industry development in West Siberia. Seven “My History” multimedia walls present a detailed story of Surgut’s five major energy enterprises, including PP Surgutskaya-2. The exhibition demonstrates historical photos, and documents showing how Russia’s largest thermal power plant was built and further development of GRES, including the station’s current affairs.

During the reporting period, Unipro employees continued to share their knowledge about the profession of a power engineer with the younger generation. Students of energy classes from Shatura, Surgut, Ozerny, Yaiva and Sharypovo participated in an online tour of the museum of the history of the Shaturskaya GRES, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the station. More than 60 people were able to become engrossed into the past, to hear interesting facts about the Shatura land, to see the building of a temporary experimental power plant, which can be called a cultural monument of the city of Shatura. The children found out that the GRES was built one of the first according to the GOELRO plan and became an experiment, on the outcome of which the national electrification depended at the beginning of the XX century. For students from other regions, the tour has become a real journey, because it has afforded a rare opportunity to get a close insight into another city.

As part of the History Lessons marathon, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Shaturskaya GRES, the station museum once again opened its doors to guests. This time the guests were the members of “Active Longevity Club” from the city of Sergiev Posad. More than 40 people were able to see photos of people who created an entire epoch, to touch the history, in the literal sense of the word.

In addition, an online meeting was organised for 60 students of energy classes, at which Igor Popov, Deputy General Director for Production, spoke about the structure of Unipro PJSC, promising areas in the industry and answered the questions.

The management of sponsored secondary schools did not stand aside either. Online training was held for the directors of all energy classes. “To save means to preserve” - this was the motto used by Smolenskaya GRES employees at the lesson on energy savings held by them for the 5-6th grades of the Prechistenskaya Secondary School. The event was held within the framework of the AllRussian Festival of Energy Saving #ВместеЯрче. Ms Ekaterina Kunitsyna, the head of the environmental department of the branch, Ekaterina Kunitsyna, explained to the students the causes for energy saving and the benefits which could be obtained from this.