Unipro PJSC
Annual Report for 2020

COVID-19 | Unipro PJSC Annual Report for 2020

167thousand rubles
was spent on PPE
and disinfection
Since the beginning of March 2020, weekly work of the central (under the leadership of the CEO of the Company) and local (under the leadership of the Directors of the Branches) anti-crisis head offices has been arranged at the Moscow Representative Office and the branches of Unipro PJSC. Action plans were developed according to two scenarios subject to the level of spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Scenario 1: Increased Readiness

  • Common activities

    employees work remotely
    teleworking/leave for employees at risk (over 65 years old, having chronic conditions)
    limitation of business trips
    daily non-contact monitoring of the body temperature of employees
    electronic log to track contact of employees with those COVID-infected
    testing of the staff when returning from leave/business trips, as well as third parties before visiting Unipro production sites
  • Organization of work

    division of staff flows from different production units
    social distancing at workplaces and public areas (warning marks)
    increase in the electronic interaction, i.e. remote reception and handover of shifts by operating staff, telephone/video communication, Skype conferences, etc.
    special areas for receiving and handing over documents that are equipped with bactericidal irradiators
  • Performance monitoring

    daily rounds of the workplaces by the heads of the branches and structural subdivisions
    video surveillance in vehicles transporting the branch employees
  • Personal protective equipment and disinfection

    providing employees with respiratory protective equipment, gloves and antiseptics
    additional installing of dispensers with sanitizers in the territory of branches and offices
    equipping the premises with bactericidal air irradiators
    every shift wet cleaning of service and industrial premises, public areas, vehicles
  • Communication campaign (notifying the employees)

    of the need to observe precautionary measure, rules of personal and public hygiene
    of the clinical signs of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection and of the actions to be taken if such signs are manifested in the employee and/or their family members and in the employee at the workplace
    on the rules for using overalls and PPE
As of 31 December 2020, Unipro PJSC recorded:
COVID-19 cases
of its own staff,
of which 2
were fatal
employees of the company
were discharged and returned to work
COVID-19 cases
of the contractors’
contractor’ employees returned to work

Scenario 2: Readiness for Isolated Operation of the Branch (a fallback scenario in case the authorities declare an emergency Common activities situation in the region of presence)

  • A step-by-step plan for the transition of the branches to the isolated operation was approved
  • The opportunities for temporary residence of the employees (rotation system) were determined
  • The premises required for accommodation, residence and leisure of the staff were prepared
  • The organization of catering for the employees of the branches and the contractors was thought out
  • The issue of testing the employees for COVID-19 was elaborated before the isolated operation of the branch started
of the employees of the Moscow Representative Office were transferred to teleworking
254RUB mln
total cost of activities to counter COVID-19
7mln rubles
was spent at helping medical institutions in the regions of presence