Unipro PJSC
Annual Report for 2020

Sustainable Development Management102-31

As an efficient producer of the electric power necessary for the society, Unipro PJSC is well aware of its economic, environmental and social responsibility

Unipro PJSC is interested in carrying out its activities subject to the advanced international standards of corporate and social responsibility and sustainable development.

The Company understands the sustainable development as the economic growth that does not harm the environment and contributes to the resolution of social problems, finding a balance between the economic, environmental and social development.

There are many definitions of the corporate social responsibility, but Unipro PJSC defines the corporate social responsibility as the responsibility of the Company for the impact of its decisions and activities on the society and the environment through transparent and ethical conduct that has the following features:

  • promotes the sustainable development, including health and well-being of the society;
  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders;
  • complies with the applicable law and is consistent with the international norms of conduct;
  • integrates into the activities of the entire organization and applies to its relations with the stakeholders.

Unipro shapes its business around a reasonable balance of shareholders’ interests and assurance of a reliable and socially and environmentally safe operation of its production facilities.

The Company implements a comprehensive approach to the management of labour, development of its employees, environmental and industrial safety, and support of populations in the areas of its presence.

In the course of its activities and in its relations with its counterparties, the Company promotes the idea of observing human rights and non-discrimination in any of its manifestations, combating corruption and interacting with in-house and third party stakeholders based on maintaining a balance of interests and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Currently, Unipro PJSC is aimed at forming an efficient sustainable development management system: during 2020, the draft Articles of Association were prepared according to which the definition of the ESG strategy falls within the competence of the Board of Directors.

At the meeting of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Unipro PJSC, the members of the Committee raised the ESG issue and requested to pay attention to the disclosure of that issue when preparing future annual reports.

The responsibility for arranging for control, methodological support and statutory regulation of the Unipro PJSC ESG activities is currently not imposed on one person 102-19 , the dedicated units of the Company carry out sustainable development activities in their functional responsibility areas 102-20 :

  • social responsibility is imposed on the HR Unit (the HR Director);
  • interaction with the authorities in the regions of presence and creation of a favourable social environment for the efficient development of the Company is imposed on the Corporate 13 In the version submitted for approval to the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting as of year-end 2020. Communications Unit (the Director for Public Affairs and Government Relations) and the Corporate Legal Unit (Corporate Governance, Legal and Property Director);
  • economic responsibility is imposed on the Finance Unit (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Deputy General Director for Finance and Economics);
  • electric power production, energy efficiency improvement and environmental responsibility is imposed on the Production Unit (member of the Management Board, Deputy General Director for Production);
  • charitable assistance is imposed on the Corporate Communications Unit (Director for Public Affairs and Government Relations).
Internal Regulatory Documents Governing Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Aspect

Regulatory Documents

Sustainable and efficient production

Regulation on Production Risk Management of Unipro PJSC

Procurement activities

Regulation on Procurement of Unipro PJSC

Business ethics and anti-corruption

Code of Corporate Conduct of Unipro PJSC

Environmental impact

Environmental policy of Unipro PJSC

Occupational health and safety

Essential Occupational Health and Safety Rules

Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Unipro PJSC


Unipro PJSC Corporate Communication Procedure

Internal Communication Strategy of Unipro PJSC

Innovative development

Regulation on Investment of Unipro PJSC


Regulation on Remuneration of Labour, Benefits and Other Social Payments for Moscow Representative Office (Headquarters) of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Remuneration of Labour, Benefits and Other Social Payments for Top and Middle Managers of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Remuneration of Labour, Benefits and Other Social Payments for Vehicle Drivers of Moscow Representative Office (Headquarters) of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Remuneration of Labour for Administrative and Managerial Staff of Branches of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Remuneration of Labour for Production Staff and Workers of Branches of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Corporate Support with Housing Improvements for Employees of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Corporate Pension Provision for Employees of Unipro PJSC

Collective bargain agreements of branches of Unipro PJSC

Regulation on Awards and Procedure for Awarding at Unipro PJSC

In 2005, the Company expressed its commitment to the UN Global Compact as the most ambitious sustainability initiative for business. Unipro PJSC confirms its commitments to honour human rights, employment relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption undertakings.102-12

The Company’s major shareholder — Uniper Group — treats sustainable development as the overarching priority and integrates it in all aspects and areas of its activities. Uniper Group has developed and approved the Group Sustainable Development Strategy based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by identifying the areas of highest relevance to its business. Unipro PJSC supports the Group’s initiative and is planning to contribute to the achievement of the selected SDG.

Unipro Activities to Achieve the SDGs
2020 Results
Plans for 2021

Ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy supply, improving energy efficiency

Installed capacity
11245,1 MW EU1

Actual power generation
41 746 mln kWhEU2

To improve the reliability of energy supply to consumers and to reduce the carbon footprint, Unipro is going to further modernize the operating efficient steam power equipment

The Company is also considering its further participation in modernization auctions and developing renewable energy sources projects

Ensuring the transition to sound consumption and production patterns

Reducing power consumption302-4

1 191 thousand cub m
of gas conservation

190 ton of fuel
equivalent of liquid fuel conservation

1 651 ton of fuel
equivalent of solid fuel conservation

439 Gcal
of heat power conservation

3 737 thousand kWh
of electric power conservation

Developing and taking measures for conservation of power and improving energy efficiency

Reducing impact on the climate

Direct greenhouse gas emissions,
20 673,7 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent305-1

Emissions of NOх , SOх and other significant pollutants into the atmosphere,
40,8 thousand tons305-7

Development of additional steps to mitigate the Company’s impact on the climate

Ensuring healthy lifestyle and promoting well-being for all people of all ages

0 cases
of occupational diseases 403-10

Unipro transferred
RUB 7 mln to medical institutions in the regions of its presence for combating the coronavirus infection203-2

3 accidents
with own staff403-9

Improving precautions against work-related injuries, disease and improving labour conditions of the employees

In 2021, Unipro PJSC sets a limit of TRIF (Total Recordable Incident Frequency) (own staff + contractors) of ≤ 1.30 for the Company and its branches, of 0 for the Headquarters

Ensuring overarching and fair quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all

Average number of training hours per employee 404-1:

150,6 hours

Specialists and employees
80,2 hours

89,5 hours

Further training, retraining and advanced training of the staff

Unipro PJSC will continue to support educational organizatioans in the regions of operation of the Company

Ensuring a decent level of wages for all employees, regardless of their age and gender

Subject to the region of presence, the wages of entry-level employees correspond to the minimum wage rate (MWR) or exceed it by more than 4.5 times 202-1
The total number of newly hired employees is 366 401-1
The full-time employees are provided with the following benefits: a full package of benefits, guarantees and compensations in accordance with the law and additional benefits, guarantees and compensation such as 401-2:

  • voluntary health insurance (VHI);
  • personal accident and sickness insurance;
  • non-state pension scheme;
  • various types of financial assistance;
  • corporate support for housing improvements;
  • holiday packages for employees and children;
  • funds for cultural and recreational events;
  • other

Unipro strives to maintain transparent and honest relations with its employees, including by establishing fair remuneration and providing opportunities for growth and development

Reducing corruption and bribery in all their forms

In the reporting period, no confirmed cases of corruption were identified in the Company 205-3

90 managers of Moscow Representative Office and the branches were trained on the Culture of Ethical Business and Combating Fraud and Corruption 205-2

Further development and improvement of the compliance management system, including the adoption of additional regulatory documents governing anti-corruption processes

In 2021, the training course (e-learning) will be updated and repeated training will be carried out for all Unipro employees

In 2021, the Board of Directors of Unipro PJSC

expects to consider joining the UN Global Compact